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Here are just a few of the common statements made about RSD/CRPS, and those suffering, many of which can deeply hurt the feelings of the sufferer and undermine their confidence.

RSD/CRPS Does Not Spread!

False – It can spread, some literature says it will spread in up to 70% of cases.  However, whether it will spread, and how quickly, will vary from person to person.  For some people it never spreads.

Children Do Not Get RSD/CRPS!

False – RSD/CRPS can occur at any age.  There are documented cases of sufferers as young as 9 months.  Generally however, with physical therapy, children have a better chance of remission.

RSD/CRPS Is All In The Mind!

False – RSD/CRPS is a truly physical condition!!!  However, depression and other Mental Health issues will often occur as a result of living with constant pain and the disruptions to your life that it can bring.  Don’t let anyone tell you that your RSD/CRPS is caused by your depression – it is the other way around!

People With RSD/CRPS Exaggerate Their Pain!

False – Often those with RSD/CRPS will “play down” their pain, so as not to worry family and friends, or seem like they are complaining all the time, or appear “wimpish”!

RSD/CRPS Can Affect Men And Women!

True – Research indicates that RSD/CRPS is more common in women, (a ratio of 4:1).

RSD/CRPS Can Affect Any Part Of The Body!

True – If you think that RSD/CRPS is a disease of the nerves, and the human body is made up of billions of nerves, in every area of the body, then it is easy to understand why it can occur anywhere.  It is uncommon though, to hear of RSD/CRPS affecting internal organs.

If The Sufferers Of RSD/CRPS Talk To Each Other
They Will Never Get Better!

False – Some doctors seem to feel that if sufferers of RSD/CRPS get together they will “swap” stories and “wallow” in self-pity!  The experience of The Australian RSD/CRPS Support Group, and other Support Groups, is that if those suffering from RSD/CRPS, and their families, can talk to other sufferers and their families, they don’t feel so alone. Also they can swap ideas and experiences of treatments, and it seems to give them more “power” and control over their condition.  It’s like anything. If you think you are the only one suffering, you feel no-one understands, and you feel very alone.  But if you share your problems, worries and questions, you feel a lot better!!

RSD/CRPS Runs In Families!

True And False – while RSD/CRPS has not been proven to be hereditary, there are cases of more than one family member having RSD/CRPS!


This site is for general information only.  I am not a Medical Professional but I do live with RSD/CRPS and so have a good understanding of the issues of this condition.  Information here is to be used as a guide only and before trying any treatments you should consult with your GP and/or Specialist.  The Australian RSD/CRPS Support Group accepts no responsibility for an individual’s choices after reading the following information.


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