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There is a monthly Newsletter available which includes information on living with RSD/CRPS, letters from Members, Members Stories, as well as a social side.  This is a great way of keeping in touch with others.

The Newsletter is only available to those are Members of The Australian RSD/CRPS Support Group.  Membership is:

Australian Residents - $50 per 12 months*

Overseas Residents - $75 per 12 months*

*For example if you join in March 2013 you will not be asked to renew again until March 2014.


Newsletters will be either posted out or emailed every month.  They will not be posted on the Website.

We also have a Facebook Page which you are welcome to comment on.  Please join the others, from Australia and Overseas, who comment on this page. This is a mixture of funnies, quotes and the latest articles and information on RSD/CRPS or Chronic Pain Research and Development.  It is also a way to join up with other pages of people dealing with RSD/CRPS and other chronic pain conditions. So look it up - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy - RSD   Let's make it our own forum.


Many thanks to Kym Burke of Burke Urban for purchasing us a new computer –

making it so much easier to do all of this.

To Mr & Mrs Lane, South Australia, for their donation which has enabled us to get started once again.


​And to everyone who has offered support in re-starting The Australian RSD/CRPS Support Group, thank you, your support is greatly appreciated.

​All future donations and new Memberships will be acknowledged in the newsletters.

All donations towards the running of the Website will be acknowledged on the Website.


This site is for general information only.  I am not a Medical Professional but I do live with RSD/CRPS and so have a good understanding of the issues of this condition.  Information here is to be used as a guide only and before trying any treatments you should consult with your GP and/or Specialist.  The Australian RSD/CRPS Support Group accepts no responsibility for an individual’s choices after reading the following information.


Tracy Pitman​

Information Co-Ordinator

PO Box 9



Email – [email protected]

Phone – 08 85 811 007

Mobile – 0401 794 884 (send text only with your number and I will call you back)​

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